Equipment Rental Terms

1. Definitions and Interpretation
1.1Capitalised terms not defined herein have the same meaning as defined in the General Terms.
1.2 Rental Equipment is the device/s rented to Customer, as more fully described on the Service Order Form/s.

2. Contract Terms and Conditions
2.1 These terms are to be read in conjunction with the RocketNet General Terms at
2.2 Together, these rental terms and the General Terms form one contract.
2.3 In the event of conflict between these rental terms and the General Terms, these rental terms will be given preference.

3. Rental
3.1 The Rental Equipment always remains the property of RocketNet. You are not entering into a rent to own agreement.
3.2 Upon termination of the Agreement, you must return the Rental Equipment to RocketNet.
3.3 You must pay the shipping costs for the delivery and return of the Rental Equipment.
3.4 You bear the risk of any loss or damage of the Rental Equipment from the date it is delivered to you until it is returned to RocketNet (even if it is due to reasons beyond your control). You need to take out sufficient insurance against such risks at your cost.
3.5 In the event of a loss or failure of the Rental Equipment, RocketNet will replace or repair (at RocketNet’s discretion) the Rental Equipment.
3.6 You will be liable for any costs incurred by RocketNet as a result of repair or replacement of Rental Equipment where the repair or replacement is not covered under the standard manufacturer warranty of the Rental Equipment.

4. Use of Rental Equipment with best-effort services
4.1 Due to the nature of best-effort services, your use of the Rental Equipment may not be optimal.
4.2 You acknowledge that the Internet is by its nature best-effort. Accordingly, should any Rental Equipment be accessed via the Internet, RocketNet cannot provide any guarantees on your use of the Rental Equipment.
4.3 Any extra cabling necessary at your premises is not included in the Rental Equipment and is your responsibility.

5. Your equipment
5.1 RocketNet is not responsible for the availability, capacity or condition of any other equipment not provided by RocketNet.
5.2 Suppose you connect any of your equipment to the Rental Equipment. In that case, you will be liable for all damages if such connection causes any malfunction or failure to the Rental Equipment.
5.3 RocketNet only provides support on Rental Equipment and cannot provide support on your equipment.

6. Cancellation Terms
6.1 Notwithstanding the provisions of clause 7.2.1 of the General Terms, if you terminate the Agreement (or Rocketnet terminates the Agreement due to your breach of the Agreement) within 12 months from the Billing Start Date, Rocketnet will charge you a cancellation fee for an amount equal to the rental that would have become due for the balance of the first 12 months.
6.2 After the first 12 months from the Billing Start Date, you may cancel the rental at any time on giving once calendar months’ notice as described in clause 7 of the General Terms.