In some cases you will be required to pay an installation fee to kickstart the process. Other Fibre Network Operators may conduct a site survey whereby they will quote you directly before commencing with the Fibre installation. Once the fibre service is up and running, the ONT installed and your router is connected then we will send the account to billing to start your recurring billing with us. An activation charge and pro-rata billing may apply.
If you are in a RocketNet Fibre ready area and fibre is currently in your estate, activated and live. We estimate 2 to 3 weeks depending on the complexity of the build into your unit/home. N.B - We cannot guarantee the delivery period of Fibre, so please do not cancel services until your fibre has been installed, tested and working.
All Fibre junction boxes or Optical Network Terminal equipment will always remain the property of the respective Fibre Network Operator and should the equipment be damaged or removed from the property then the Fibre Network Operator & RocketNet will invoice you for the replacement/re-installation of the device. The RocketNet supplied Modem/Router will remain the property of RocketNet and will be collected on service termination.
RocketNet offers month to month contracts for all our prospective customers and have in the past tried to cover many costs which may not be visible to the end user. While some ISP's choose to not charge their end users for these upfront costs, some may be hiding these fees in their T&C's and keeping the customer on their network for a set amount of time to recover these operational costs.
Please note that there is a difference between an activation fee and installation fee. Each FNO will bill the ISP (RocketNet) directly when installing a new line into the clients premises (installation fee) and the ISP will again be billed when the clients service is activated on the network (activation fee).
Unfortunately the ONT may not be removed as this has been allocated to the premises and has been configured accordingly by both the ISP & FNO. Please note that should the ONT be taken off the registered property then the customer will be charged a new installation fee to replace the removed equipment. The removed property cannot be reused at another premises.
Every Fiber Network Operator(FNO's) have different SLA terms, where some FNO's outright don't offer any credit and others will take the request on a case by case basis. Kindly refer to https://www.rocketnet.co.za/fibre-network-slas/ for the latest SLA terms.
RocketNet is able to help guide you, however it is not always possible to send our own resources to your household. Should this be a requirement then we can quote you for a dedicated resource to visit your premises and assist you with your exact needs.
Unfortunately not. RocketNet does not offer any Pre-Paid services and as such we do require a calendar months notice to terminate your current service agreement otherwise you will be charged for the active services.
RocketNet is reliant on our Fiber Network Operator (FNO's) terms and conditions. As part of these conditions we require a calendar months' notice for change of service. Upgrades are free, however downgrades are chargeable.
Certain FNO's do charge a downgrade fee, and in some cases an upgrade fee. we will be as transparent as possible in making you aware of these costs.
Please note that the new customer portal (launchpad) will not allow a customer to complete the sign-up process if non valid banking details are supplied. Customers are welcome to make use of our secure payment gateway facility.