Hidden Google games you can play now

Google has so many free products available to their users; amazingly, they also have the time to include some free games. By simply searching the correct phrases or keywords, you can have some fun with the hidden Google games that can be seriously addictive.

1. Basketball

Alphabet created this simple hidden Google game of basketball in 2012 to celebrate the 2012 Summer Games. You start close to the hoop and press the space bar twice before the ball is too hot to score a basket. As you progress, your avatar moves further away from the hoop, whereby you need to let the ball go a little later to achieve a two-pointer. The clock is ticking, so score as many as possible before time runs out. 

Hidden google game basketball
Google Basketball

2. Quick draw

In this hidden Google game, you play with an AI bot that tries to guess what you are drawing. You have twenty seconds to ‘doodle’ a sketch of an object assigned to you, like a pond or campfire. As you draw, the AI bot will start guessing the image.

You may be surprised at the accuracy of the bot’s deciphering your drawing, even if you are not the most artistic person.

3. Hidden Google Snake Game

The snake game is an old favourite for those who played this on their Nokia phones in the 90s. Go to Google search and search ‘snake game’ to conjure up some old memories or make new ones with our slithery, hungry friend. In any event, the hidden Google snake game is straightforward and amazingly addictive. I love the crunch of the apple and the ability to customise colours and what the snake will be munching on. 

4. Solitaire

The solitaire game is a golden oldie that receptionists and retired folk enjoy. In all seriousness, the solitaire game is a great concentration builder for single players. Search for ‘solitaire‘, select your difficulty and enjoy the visually appealing hidden card game.

5. Pac-Man

Google Pacman

Nothing screams 80’s retro like the game Pac-Man released in May 1980. Pac-Man, originally called Puck-Man in Japan, is the game with the maze developed by Namco.

Decades later, Pac-Man is still one of the most enjoyable arcade games ever, manoeuvring the little orange head chomping little dots while avoiding the bad guys. Search for this hidden Google game, throw on some Kylie Minogue or Michael Jackson in the background, chomp on a few jaw-breakers, and beat that high score.

6. Cricket

This game is so simple. With a mouse click, you can only bat but only have one wicket. We all want to beat our high score, and this is the same, so you may find yourself hitting refresh more than 11 times. The game was created by Google and hidden during the ICC Champions Trophy in 2017. The batters are crickets, and the bowlers and fielders are fast-moving snails. Have fun!

7. Hidden Google Gnome Game

So addictive!

Google released this hidden game in 2018 based on German garden dwarfs. You must catapult these little ornaments through the air as far as possible in the game. Timing is everything. The further the gnome flies through the air; the more flowers get planted and the more points you earn. In the bottom right is a green circled arrow used to give your gnome a little extra boost. You will need good timing when clicking the boost arrow and if you hit it right the gnomes fly for kilometres.

Google Hidden Game Gnome
Google Gnome

8. T-Rex

T-Rex is the most popular hidden Google game on the list. The game gets activated when there is no internet connection. Open your browser to display the ‘no internet’ page with a little blinking dinosaur. Once there, press the space bar to start playing the T-Rex game. 

Jump over as many obstacles as possible, beating your high score until the internet connection gets restored.