Artificial Intelligence and the future

Is artificial intelligence friend or foe?

Since ‘The Terminator‘, artificial intelligence and its future have been a hotly contested topic. Ultimately, AI is the ability of computer systems and programmes to carry out tasks that would typically require the actions of human beings. 

Not the real Terminator, we know.

Artificial intelligence in the future will allow computer systems to function as if they were humans consequently this includes using human senses and being able to think and behave for themselves. Of course, AI is operational all around us, just think of AI as a self-aware machine that can interpret and react to its environment. 

The types of artificial intelligence

1. Reactive AI

Reactive artificial intelligence was one of the first to be invented and has pre-programmed answers to specific inputs. However, these machines cannot learn from previous responses and cannot generate new behaviour based on past experiences. For example, dialling a company and hearing a pre-recording asking which department you would like to speak to.

2. Limited Memory AI

Limited memory AI

This AI can learn from previous data and apply it to future scenarios. In fact it can identify different strategies, know the answers it gives and apply the knowledge to other similar circumstances. 

Systems like Siri and Alexa are examples of this type of AI and they have pre-programmed future responses but can learn new things and remember your web browser history. This is currently the most utilized form of AI. Self-driving cars like Tesla uses this technology.

AI in development

1. Theory of Mind

This artificial intelligence of the future can study and understand humans, additionally in theory, it can identify and differentiate between different human behaviour and personality.

The following artificial intelligence of the future is the most controversial. Subsequently this AI will be ground-breaking and potentially the most unpredictable.

2. Self-Aware artificial intelligence

This is the ultimate form of AI and consequently at this stage of development, AI will be conscious of being a computer or machine and may be aware it has the potential to outsmart humans.

There are two types of Self-Aware AI:

2.1 Artificial General Intelligence (AGI)

This AI can function on a level equivalent to humans and can also communicate on an intellectual level with functionality utterly independent from human intervention.

2.2 Artificial Superintelligence (ASI)

This future artificial intelligence will be the most intelligent entity on earth, far more intellectually capable than any human. ASI can solve complex problems on its own and will far exceed the capabilities of AGI.

Elon Musk has warned against developing self-aware artificial intelligence too fast. Self-aware AI will have the ability to reason, respond with speech, argue, and make its own decisions. It will have its own thoughts, emotions, and needs, much like a human. 

AI superintelligence

Don’t panic about the future of this technology

Don’t panic. The advancement of artificial intelligence into the future is not always what you think. AI is not developing into an army of robots wanting to take over humanity. AI includes many forms of different technology, not just robots.

The progress that AI can create is unfathomable. It can be used for so much good in health, communications and job creation, building a better life for all of mankind. This should be the end goal.