Any RocketNet IPERF Servers?

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Any RocketNet IPERF Servers?

Yes! we do, but its currently limited to 1TB of testing per month and we only support IPERF3…. so be kind! These servers are also only available to RocketNet subscribers.

  • UK (WACS):
  • US (EAST):
  • ZA (LOCAL):
Download Test: iperf3 -c <hostname> -t30 -R -P10 -O2
Upload Test: iperf3 -c <hostname> -t30 -P10 - O2

-t30 = Run for 30 seconds
-P10 = Run 10 threads
-O2 = Ommit first 2 test results

*we run on the default port 5201
**we support IPv4 and IPv6

IPERF Download Website: