Online gifts in South Africa for last minute shoppers

Christmas gifts in today’s digital economy don’t always need to be tangible. Although traditional options of shortbread biscuits, socks and candles are viable feel-good choices, the online world has given us so much more. Online gifts in South Africa are available from anywhere on the globe due to the magic of fibre internet. This is welcome news for those renowned for leaving this shopping to the last minute.

Although you can’t place them under a tree, there are great ways to delight your receiver with an online gift and send gifts to those far away. Also called e-gifts, online gifts for Christmas in South Africa offer various preferences beyond simple e-vouchers. With a quick search, we are confident you can find anything for most family members and friends. We have highlighted a few items that made it to the top of our online Christmas gift list. 

Online gift ideas

1. BBC Maestro

From writing to baking, if you know someone who loves to learn, this online gift from Britain, now available in South Africa, is a fantastic choice.

Online gifts in south africa bbc maestro

BBC Maestro is a subscription-based streaming platform where users educate themselves through the teachings of world-renowned experts in various sectors. Lessons are pre-recorded and include course notes, learners work at their own pace, and courses don’t expire.

Users can purchase online gift cards for individual courses or an ‘All Courses Pass’ on the gift cards page. After purchase, buyers receive an email with a redemption code and a PDF gift card to forward to the recipient at the appropriate time.

2. Ancestry is a great online gift in South Africa

We can all name relatives obsessed with family tree history. Ancestry boasts the largest database of online family history records. This online gift uses pinpoint geographic detail and precise historical insights to connect users to regions where their family journey began. Ancestry even connects you with living relatives you may not know you had.

Ancestry online gift in south africa

This site offers online gift memberships that can automatically be sent to die-hard history buffs. The purchase process allows you to create a custom message and personalise the date on when the online gift must get delivered. If you send one on the 25th of December, remember to let the lucky receiver know to look out for it.

3. Let’s talk about socks

We searched for local businesses offering sock subscriptions but couldn’t find any. In any event, if you are considering socks as a gift, then this one is for you. At you can purchase a subscription for someone to receive socks all year round, the gift that keeps giving. Every month your recipient will receive one to two pairs of socks that are random by design. Alternatively, there are once-off voucher options, so they can browse the vast array of options and pick out a couple of bamboo socks themself.

4. Netflix it

Give someone the splendour of entertainment. A lesser-known online gift available in South Africa is the Netflix gift card. Gift cards get bought through a third party, eGifts24, and purchase amounts start from R250 up to R1000. The card is as good as the rand amount is available, balances can be checked at any time, and the e-gift has no time-bound expiration. If you would like to know why we recommend Netflix compared to other streaming platforms, here’s why.

5. Send a meal or more

Online gift the foodie in the family with a voucher from Plated. Purchases can be made for once-off meals or monthly meals (perhaps for the struggling student) for the decadent comfort eater and the health-conscious waist watcher.

From education to entertainment and traditional gifts like socks or meals, there is something available online to suit every last-minute cheer giver this year.