Vuma and why we love working with them

Fibre to the home (FTTH)

Fibre internet gets delivered to homes with fibre optic cable from an underground trench or above-ground pole. Thereafter, from the pole or trench, a fibre pair is delivered into your home and is called Fibre-to-the-Home (FTTH). Vuma delivers the cable into homes and partner with RocketNet to get customers WiFi working. 

Vuma is a FNO

Vuma cable
Underground cable

FNOs (fibre network operators) lay this cable in neighbourhoods and then terminate into homes by installing fibre termination boxes (CPE). Consequently a CPE gets installed at the most convenient plug points in homes and offices across the country. Vuma is one such FNO and has been a great partner of RocketNet since July 2017.

RocketNet is the ISP

RocketNet is a FTTH ISP (Internet Service Provider). Consequently the ISP is integral to the FTTH eco-system providing the bandwidth and internet data services that brings the home fibre line to life. Further to Internet services ISPs provide end-user services, including after-sales support, but rely heavily on partners like Vuma.

Our team assists customers to set up their WiFi routers and ensure the speeds they pay for are the speeds they get. Above all, of this gets achieved through solid relationships between all stakeholders.

Why we love working with Vuma

Vuma was founded in 2014 by Niel Schoeman and Johan Pretorius and has been connecting homes to high-speed, open-access fibre broadband ever since. What we love about them is how they partner with communities in getting homes connected. Notably this partnering includes the selfless act of connecting every school they pass by on their cable-laying journey with free fibre internet. 

Vuma school fibre
Free fibre to schools

Vuma has connected over 600 schools to fibre. In a statement from their website about education, it reads:

“At Vuma, we believe in creating an imagination nation. One where every child is given the opportunity to connect to online educational platforms, has access to information and aspires to create the lives they imagine for themselves with unlimited access to the internet”.

We imagine that too. Thanks Vuma.

We love the Vuma brand name

Their brand represents a diverse range of services. In other words Vuma ensures end-users have a world of fibre opportunities from which to choose.

We love the name which means to agree; concede; admit; be in harmony; sing. Well, Vuma, we agree we make good partners, we concede you are an excellent FNO, we admit we belong together, in harmony, but let’s leave out the singing part?

We love their brand name

We love their values

Vuma is committed to building a connected South Africa, and we echo the sentiment. Vuma believes in building a future-proof technology to support the growing need for improved internet speed, and so do we.

We love this statement from their website,

“As we become more reliant on technology and the internet to go about life, while enjoying streaming platforms and online content in the comfort of our homes, we at Vuma believe in a world where everyone is connected. We truly look forward to helping build a connected nation – it all starts with accessible fibre”.

We love working alongside partners who share common values. If you want to be part of a business with more excellent vision than profit, sign up with one of our Vuma packages today.